Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Interview and New Beginnings

Ok so let start at the very beginning!! A very good place to start :P
To be honest I stumbled across this opportunity when searching on the internet for jobs in the leisure industry. I did a bit of research into Steiner and thought it would be a great job to try out for. Little did I know at this point how fast things were going to move.
I sent my application into the company on a thursday, recieved a reply on the Friday and had my interview date that Saturday, however instead of my interview being at least a month away as I initially thought it was in 2 WEEKS!!!!! All panic stations!! Getting ready for the interview wasn't that hard but despite there being great instruction for the interview for all other professions the Personal Trainer info was a bit vague. :S

Monday 25th October 2010

5:00am - Alarm goes off (oh God!! Soooooo too early)
5:30am - Dressed, washed and sorting out my bag for the interview
6:00am - Leave the house and travel to Doncaster Train Station to catch the train to Manchester
6:39am - Train Arrives and I realise just how tired I am.......(Oh God, how will I survive the day?)
8:03am - Train arrives in Manchester and I catch a Taxi to the Venue

Then at 9:15am the interview begins, we start with a talk about everything the happens whilst you are working on a cruise, this is really interesting and suprisingly nothing at this point has put me off! Then we move on to written exams, these turn out to be suprisingly easy for Potential PT's, all we have to do is fill in a personality test, you know one of those infinitly complex things where you have no idea how any information can be found out from anything you say in it. But hey who am I to complain :P
Then we move on to the Practical Trade Test - Here we have to do a mini consult with another trainer and teach them a move the will help them with a potential goal.
Then we had to do 2 Public Speaking tasks, one where we had to stand up and answer preprepared questions and the another where we had to sell a paperclip. This turn out to be hilarious as some of the selling point of a paperclip that people came up with were things I had never considered. I particularly enjoyed it can be used to make your desk look pretty....people with paperclips all over their desk are successful people.....don't use this as a weapon and They make a great and attractive hair grip :P Personally I don't know if I would like to try this (Ladies back me up, It was a man who came up with the hair grip idea :P, but hey each to their own!)
Then after a day the absolutly flew by at 15:00 I was told I had been accepted and offered a job.
Cause for much celebration, family and friend phonecalls and the rest is history :D

Wednesday 27th October 2010

Today I got a call from my Recruitment Officer, I can apply for my American Work Visa eeeeeeeeeeep!!! Reality check this is really happening. My Bootcamp start date is November 29th, it looks pretty hardcore but I am excited non the less :) No all I have to do is prepare for Bootcamp, and hand in my notice at work.

Neway I will keep you posted on any developments next blog will probably be when I get my starter pack before the end of this week.
Night All xx